This isn't what I wanted! Can I return my jewelry?

Your jewelry will be sent to you in a sealed bag. If the seal is broken, we cannot return your jewelry. Please contact us within 30 days of receiving your package if you wish to return the piece. Returns will not be accepted after 30 days. 


I put in my jewelry, and it doesn't fit/I don't like it. Why can't I return it?

We always endeavour to remain on top of our industry's standards, and our most important priority is always the health and safety of our clients. The reason that we can’t take back jewelry that has already been in someone's body is that there is no reprocessing technology that is 100% effective at removing all matter from said jewelry


I have metal allergies, will your jewelry be safe for me?

All of our solid gold and titanium body jewelry is implant grade quality, and therefor will not have any toxic metal alloys like nickel that can harm you. 

Our hanging designs and accessories are not meant for long term wear, and should only be worn in healed piercings. Most of hanging designs are silver, brass, copper or plated gold and therefor are not implant grade quality and should not be worn 24/7 or in fresh/healing piercing channels.

How do I open/close my jewelry?

Here's a super handy image guide made by Joeltron! 



What guage/length/diameter of jewelry should I order?

The absolute best way to know the size of your jewelry is to consult your local high quality body piercer. 

If you’re unable to talk to your piercer, here is a handy guide to measuring your jewelry:

The thickness of the jewelry is the gauge. The higher the number, the thinner the jewelry is.
Barbells and Labret Studs will be measured in length. Rings and Plugs will be measured by the internal diameter. 

Don't find the answer to your question? Please contact us!